Establishing the Foundation for True Organizational and Personal Safety and Security

2- Hour Recording our our most up-to-date foundational course

    1. The Keys to Effective Training - The Blue-U Difference

    2. Creating and Maintaining a Culture of True Safety and Security and Your Role

    3. The Real Purpose for This Course

    4. Instructor Introductions

    5. The Goals of This Course

    6. The Right Decisions in Fractions of a Second

    7. The Life or Death Gap

    8. 3 Things That Are Critical to Understand

    9. The Odds of Falling Victim - This Will Seriously Get Your Attention

    10. Are We Creating Victims - A Completely New Perspective

    11. Your Parents Will Not Be Good at This - Another Completely New Perspective

    12. No More Training for the Sake of Training - It Has to Work When Reality Strikes

    13. What Would You Do?

    14. The Responsibility for Your Safety and Security

    15. Can We Develop a Plan for an Act of Violence? Surprise!

    16. Your Company's Most Important Asset?

    17. Our Most Valuable Weapons?

    18. Practical Personal Defense - When We Have No Choice But to Fight

    19. The Realities of an Active Shooter Incident - It's All About Time

    20. A Breakdown of Columbine - Understanding and Correcting "Natural Response"

    21. A Breakdown of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School - Why Didn't Their Training Work?

    22. One of the Best Things That Could Ever Happen to Us if We Become Involved in a Sudden, Unplanned Incident of Violence

    23. Reality Video - The Board Room

    24. Reality Video - The ATM

    25. Exam - Establishing the Foundation for True Safety and Security

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