Establishing the Foundation for True Organizational and Personal Safety and Security

2- Hour Recording our our most up-to-date foundational course

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    • The Keys to Effective Training - The Blue-U Difference

    • Creating and Maintaining a Culture of True Safety and Security and Your Role

    • The Real Purpose for This Course

    • Instructor Introductions

    • The Goals of This Course

    • The Right Decisions in Fractions of a Second

    • The Life or Death Gap

    • 3 Things That Are Critical to Understand

    • The Odds of Falling Victim - This Will Seriously Get Your Attention

    • Are We Creating Victims - A Completely New Perspective

    • Your Parents Will Not Be Good at This - Another Completely New Perspective

    • No More Training for the Sake of Training - It Has to Work When Reality Strikes

    • What Would You Do?

    • The Responsibility for Your Safety and Security

    • Can We Develop a Plan for an Act of Violence? Surprise!

    • Your Company's Most Important Asset?

    • Our Most Valuable Weapons?

    • Practical Personal Defense - When We Have No Choice But to Fight

    • The Realities of an Active Shooter Incident - It's All About Time

    • A Breakdown of Columbine - Understanding and Correcting "Natural Response"

    • A Breakdown of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School - Why Didn't Their Training Work?

    • One of the Best Things That Could Ever Happen to Us if We Become Involved in a Sudden, Unplanned Incident of Violence

    • Reality Video - The Board Room

    • Reality Video - The ATM

    • Exam - Establishing the Foundation for True Safety and Security