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A message from our CEO - Terry L Choate Jr

To most banks, security is only about compliance.

But...you have to do it. So why not do it right?

To most banks, security is considered a nuisance and you only do it because you have to! 

The result:

You spend the absolute minimal amount of time, human resources, and money  to remain "in compliance" and your return on the time and money invested is ZERO beyond being able to "check that box" and prove that you did it. 

So, why not do it right and get a return of your investment in security? 

This is exactly what Bank Security Officer is meant to do - give those responsible the skills and resources to significantly enhance the value of your security without spending any more time to do it and, in many cases, less time!

About Blue-U Defense

We are the national thought-leaders in what it takes to truly secure bank assets. Our success has been driven by reality-based solutions to personal, home, and organizational security that can be mastered "without ever getting out of a chair" and regardless of age, size, strength. We instill a personal responsibility for security; a desire to get better at security because it is chosen...rather than forced; and then, once we are successful...we provide the resources to do it.

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Why "NEW" Bank Security Officer Training?

Yesterday's bank security can no longer stand up to today's threats. Today's professional bank security officer needs to think outside-the-box in order to be effective. Today's bank security officer needs to be a leader and inspirer of people to take responsibility for their own security...and then effectively and practically give them the skills and resources to do it. Today's bank security officer needs to be a highly effective educator!

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Today, your challenges to being the best Bank Security Officer are numerous!

There are numerous challenges to achieving proficiency in the new skills needed to secure today's bank: Time to train; finding the resources that are beyond yesterday's outdated and ineffective methods; getting your bank to raise the level of priority needed to secure against today's threats; and getting the people that are ultimately responsible for security (your employees) to take you seriously and "follow you".

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How is Bank Security Officer Training Delivered?

Proficiency and skill-building resources should be short, powerful, and effective. All of our training and skill-building resources are delivered by today's most powerful and effective methods - through short, powerful, video training and ongoing text messages and/or notifications.

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Knowledge is Power! What you get with Bank Security Officer Training.

We want everything that is in our knowledge-bank, to be in yours, so...we give you everything that we have found to be most effective in getting real results: Powerpoint presentations, video training for you and your staff; our new training proficiency through powerful text messages, on-demand and live virtual training, policy/procedure and other important document templates, how-to learning and guidebooks, and access to our Bank Security Officer Peer Networking Community. Bank Security Officer Training is everything you need to be your best and make your bank as secure as it can be.

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Certified Bank Security Officer Designation

Our new Certified Bank Security Officer designation demonstrates that you have shown proficiency, knowledge, and understanding of the skills required to secure bank assets against today's unique and dangerous threats. It requires leadership, influence, presentation, and service skills as well as an intimate knowledge of policies and procedures, and a renewed knowledge and understanding of the traditional elements of security to reflects a quickly changing threat environment. Certification requires demonstration of proficiency in all topics. NOTE: THIS PROGRAM IS CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT AND WE ARE PROJECTING A START DATE OF JANUARY 1, 2024.

Bank Security Officer Training Courses:

Here are all the products that are included in your bundle.

We can do it WITH you...or we can do it FOR you.

We are the nations leaders in solutions to securing banks against today's threats. We have programs that can assist you in your efforts to become a truly proficient Bank Security Officer or...we can do it for you. Either way...we are a part of your team!

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